This exotic-looking bombshell’s ethnicity can be hard to figure out. Coming from German, Samoan and African-American descent, this Southern California girl will invariably get your attention with her very tall and curvy frame, natural 36DD boobs and her love for all things dirty.


Serena grew up in a very quiet and safe neighborhood in Orange County, and admits to having a memorable childhood, with wonderful friends she’s still close with today. Her dad is a pastor, and her family is very religious. She was a shy, good girl in high school and was kind of a late-bloomer; she didn’t start having sex until her freshman year of college, when she was 19.

Serena started her porn career in November 2011, at the age of 21. One of her friends had been in the business for a long time, and he suggested Serena she might be good at it. He wasn’t wrong, and she fell in love with it right away. Just the fact that someone’s watching her fuck is always a turn on for her.

She came up with her stage name inspired by tennis star Serena Williams and former heavyweight champion Mohammed Ali. She wanted powerful names that reflected her own character.

Out of her many talents in this industry, Serena takes the most pride in her deep-throating skills; she likes the fact that not every girl can do it, and she just loves having a dick far down her throat and feel herself gagging during messy blowjobs.

Serena is turned on by watching guys pee and jack off. When it comes to girls, she likes a fat pussy and a nice ass. She’s into receiving golden showers all over her body.

Her secret fantasy would be to have sex in front of everyone in New York City. If it were legal to do so, she’d definitely be up for it.

The easiest position for her to reach orgasm is when she’s riding the guy. Her favorite sex toy is the Hitachi Magic Wand, as it’s the only one that makes her squirt.

Serena was a Criminal Justice major in college, and she only has one more year left to finish her B.A. degree. So, if it wasn’t for porn, she’d probably be arresting someone right now. We believe she made the right career choice.

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  1. Serena Ali is the most gorgeous women on the planet. Move over Beyonce there’s a new angel on the scene!
    I’m mesmerized.