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The Superbowl Isn't the First to be Pornified

Amidst the Shock and Awe of yesterday's pornographic interruption during the Superbowl for some viewers in Arizona, people were given the impression that this is something mystifying and that they don't know how it happened. They also seemed to think that it was so novel that, well, it has never happened before. That would be wrong. This has happened before several times. In 2007, Tom Brokaw's show was interrupted in Mesa, AZ with hardcore porn. Tuson, where the Superbowl interruption was, is approximately 100 miles away.

Those are still not the only instances of this happening, though. In Toronto, Canada a classic movies station airing the movie Patriot Games was interrupted by porn as well. (I wonder if Harrison Ford likes it hardcore). In May of 2007, some people in New Jersey who were watching Playhouse Disney got some extra eye candy. In New Zealand, July of 2008, a children's Rugby program was interrupted with 4 minutes of porn.

So, all this has me wondering, first, are all these instances malicious behavior that is carried out in the same way? Also, with the abundance of porn and the abundance of TV watchers as well as the abundance of TV stations, is it really the case that we should be surprised that this kind of thing happens? It seems to me that it is bound to be the case that someone is going to figure out how to take advantage of tv station vulnerabilities so that they can do this. This doesn't justify the silly and childish behavior of the people who were responsible, but it also means that we shouldn't be shocked.

Furthermore, maybe some good can come of the superbowl incident. Can we stop hearing about Janet Jackson's breasts every year now?

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  1. StingRay avatar

    "Silly and childish" seems to be the only response people have to instances like this, anymore. It's sad, really.

    And you know Harrison likes it hardcore. He is a scoundrel, after all.

    StingRay — February 2, 2009 9:19 AM
  2. Buckaroo avatar

    "...they don't know how it happened." - Obviously it is done on purpose for the shock value. Do shows ever get interrupted by a few minutes of a cooking show or some other non-porn clip? Of course interrupting something as manly as the Superbowl with "Good Eats" might get more of an uproar from the macho crowd than showing "Debbie does the Dallas Cowboys."

    Didn't Harrison Ford star in "Hand Solo"?

    Buckaroo — February 3, 2009 12:51 AM

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