Originally from a small town in Michigan, Alexis is one of the most stunning models we have seen recently. She’s of Dutch descent and has long blond hair, piercing green eyes and an amazing pair of 32D tits.

She got into the adult industry because she wanted to travel and truly loves sex, so she figured it would be a great job to meet new people and get to see the world, while doing her favorite thing and getting paid for it! She used to be a massage therapist, but it wasn’t as fun for her as her porn career has been, so the choice became remarkably easy.

Alexis describes herself as a sexual deviant who is always ready for a scene, yet manages to keep her bubbly personality and still commutes back and forth between Michigan and Los Angeles, claiming she thinks it’s really important to be in touch with her roots and avoid getting caught up in the rush of the business, while still enjoying different seasons and being close to lakes and a relaxed atmosphere.

Her favorite kinds of porn to watch are gangbangs and also anything with lots of cum. Any cum, anywhere, anytime. Alexis is also very good with her hands. She has very sensitive nipples and likes them to be played with. She’s a huge fan of rim-jobs, both giving and receiving them. The fastest position for her to come is doggy-style and she also squirts with ease!

She prefers doing videos over photo shoots, claiming she loves sex way too much to just stand in front of a camera. Even though she hasn’t shot at an exotic location yet, in her personal life she has definitely made up for it. She once had a three-way in a movie theater, in front of everyone! She also said she would really like to be able to read people’s minds and listen to all of their dirty thoughts.

She loves chocolate almost as much as she loves fucking, and her favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip. She doesn’t let that go to her ass, though, since that is her favorite feature. She works out often and has a personal trainer that helps her keep it as round and firm, as we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing in the many videos she shot in the last year.

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