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Our Instagram Crush Monday: Jasmine Tookes

This Victoria Secret Angel has officially hit superstar status after recently gracing the cover of Maxim. Born and raised in Huntington Beach, California – Jasmine is the daughter of a celebrity fashion stylist. Now she’s the one with the celebrity style. ❤️❤️❤️ @victoriassecret Una publicación […]

Sex and Video Games, Literally

Sex and Video Games, Literally

After all these years, the time has finally come, we can now have sex with our video games.  I know what you are thinking, why would you want to have sex with a video game, and we say – why wouldn’t you? In the city […]

High There: The Tinder for Weed Smokers 2

High There: The Tinder for Weed Smokers

Even in these more progressive times when legalization has been spreading globally, marijuana can still be a polarizing social element, especially when it comes to dating. As a weed enthusiast and user of dating apps, I’ve experienced first hand how consuming marijuana — or at […]

The Infinite Potential of VR Porn 2

The Infinite Potential of VR Porn

I was talking to some friends the other night about porn. Given what I do, it’s a conversation that I find coming up more and more. Sometimes there’s a belligerent edge to the dialogue, where I am expected singlehandedly to justify the existence of pornography […]

Discovering Your Other Pleasure Zones

Discovering Your Other Pleasure Zones

Sometimes I feel sorry for you lads. In order to please us girls you have to know where to touch, lick, kiss, stroke, not too hard, not hard enough… there’s the nipples, neck, back and bum! And let’s not forget the clitoris, and ear and […]

Virtual love: changing the way we live

Virtual love: changing the way we live

The future of sex is here, and it’s virtual reality porn. No longer an outsider looking in from your computer screen – now you’re part of the action! Pop Wrapped lays it out for you in this titillating piece on “Love, Virtually”, which sounds a lot like […]

Our Instagram Crush Monday: Irina Shayk

This Russian model received international recognition in 2007 when she made her first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  As the former girlfriend of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, Irina is used to be in the limelight – she wears it well. #Sunday #funday with my Turkish delight […]

Top 5 Sexual Fantasies (Infographic) 4

Top 5 Sexual Fantasies (Infographic)

Are things getting a little dull in the bedroom lately? Ever wondered what your partner is secretly lusting after as both of you get ready for that passionate date… on the bed? SimplySxy reveals the top five male and female sexual fantasies. You may be […]

10 Tips for Creative, Sexy Role-Play 2

10 Tips for Creative, Sexy Role-Play

Role-play can be a sexy and creative way to spice up your sex life, but what happens when you find yourself in a role-play rut? We all know the clichéd roles – boss/secretary, nurse/patient, cop/perp – but when you’re looking for something fresh and exciting […]

French Artist Jean Jullien

French Artist Jean Jullien

For all we are permanently connected, twittering away on social media and bombarded with ideas of a brighter and more coherent future together, mankind also finds itself paradoxically creating space and distance within itself. In essence, as we become more and more ensconced in our […]