10 Videos That Show Why Policing Needs To Be Reformed

The police, we are told, are there ‘to serve and protect’. The question is, just who, or what, are they serving and protecting? Ostensibly, the police exist to serve and protect the public, but time and again we are seeing that in fact they are there to protect the interests of the wealthy and powerful and to pretty much serve themselves – literally so when it comes to the practice known as ‘civil asset forfeiture’ whereby the police can just take your money and property without the pesky, inconvenient necessity of proving guilt or even making an arrest.

Abuse of power appears to be almost endemic now. But then, how could it be otherwise when they are militarized and almost never held accountable, closing ranks at the fist hint of criticism? How strange that cops are seemingly the only humans in existence incapable of error. Again, when you can walk around and point your gun in anybody’s face with absolute impunity, you’re probably not going to find a whole bunch of people ready to argue with that point.

And really, that is the point. The police have become bloated (and often racist) bullies, lording it over a society that, in truth, is way more civilized then the cops are now. A society in which the police can do whatever they want without fear of reprisal, a society whose legislators put no restraints on the actions of those charged with serving and protecting the public, is not a free society; it is a police state, a dictatorship; as far from the land of the free as you can get.

Below are just 10 recorded examples of just how far the police have invalidated their primary function thanks to the lack of any real oversight or regulation. There are many, many more examples on the Internet (which is another example of just how arrogant the cops have become… you can even film them being fascists and they won’t stop!), but we just don’t have the space.

Now, more than ever, the question resonates: Who polices the police?

Cop arrests woman lawyer defending clients

African American tased and taken to jail for waiting for his kid

15-yr old girl beaten by police

California Highway Patrol Officer beats African American woman senseless

Musician arrested for singing in subway

Eric Garner

Police use excessive force on a parking ticket

Police point gun at innocent man and he refuses to lie down

Man tased by a cop in Utah

UC Davis protestors pepper sprayed

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