Mid-season TV ya’ll. If the sun and the beach isn’t doing it for you and you’re longing for a little bit of cooler weather (aka the air conditioning in your home), then crack open an ice cold beer and crank up the a/c and sit back to watch some pretty awesome TV. Once again I’ve sacrificed my time in order to watch countless TV shows so I can bring you the best of mid-season programming. Tune in to these 5 new TV shows you should be watching:

Oh yum, yum, I’m been catching up on Halle Berry’s new TV show. Yeap, she’s on TV ya’ll and looking better than ever. In Extant, Berry plays Molly Wood, an astronaut who has just returned to earth after a 13-month solo mission in space only to find out that she’s pregnant. Since this is a solo mission understandably everyone is perplexed as to how she got pregnant. The show doesn’t waste any time picking up speed, intercut with a series of flashbacks as to what she experienced on the space station, which gives us a clue of what might have happened to her. So far from what I’ve seen, I’m hooked! The pace is brisk, it’s set in the future, there’s robots, space, futuristic technology and awesome looking phones I covet. What’s not to love? Oh, and Halle Berry is awesome in it.
USA Network

This is an interesting one. I wasn’t sure what to expect but was pleasantly surprised with what I found. Neil Truman seems to have what every man wants, a great job, big house, hot wife, big TV and yet something seems to be missing. And one day he comes home to find his wife screwing another man – who happens to be a male escort she hires. I find this show fascinating because it explores and challenges the traditional monogamous relationship model. I’m waiting to see how it unfolds, because I really hope that they continue down this path and the producers are brave enough to openly (and fairly) talk about open relationships. Hopefully they won’t cop out with a, “Oh actually we did the whole open thing because we didn’t really love each other, but now that we’ve figured out our problems we can live happily ever after again, as god intended bla bla bla…”

I swear I’m not on a relationship themed TV binge. But just one more relationship type show before we move on. I almost didn’t watch this because of its title. I mean really, do we need another show telling us about a) How awful marriage is and it’ll ruin your life? or b) How awesome marriage is and that you need to do it asap? Well, luckily this show has the awesome Nat Faxon and Judy Greer in it (AND Jenny Slate and Brett Gelman emerged – I love these two!) and it’s the kind of cringeworthy comedy that you watch because it’s fuckin’ true. I am really loving the many different ways Faxon’s character Russ Bowmann tries to get his wife into bed. Also, it’s a great show to introduce to your girlfriend if she’s been wanting to have kids – because guaranteed it will change her mind.
Garfunkel and Oates

Saving the best for last, I introduce Garfunkel and Oates, the awkward, talented duo that have been blazin’ on YouTube with their witty songs. Now they have their own TV show on IFC and you need to be watching this, son! I cannot get enough of these two! The show follows the lives of Riki and Kate as they try to make it in Hollywood. If you’re into comics and comedy then this show really showcases a whole lot of ‘em. Awesome!

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