Bodyweight workouts have somehow gotten a bad reputation with the male population bent on building muscles and strength as something not ‘man’ enough. Well I’m here to call bull, dear sir!

First I want you to watch this:

Did you feel your manhood shrink? Then come back here and we can get started.

Welcome back! Changed your mind? Granted I’m not expecting 99% of the population to be able to do the things in the video above, but you gotta start somewhere! Start with the workouts below and surely you can work your way up to perhaps 5% of the workouts in the video above!


One of my favorite bodyweight workouts as it is one the of the most effective full-body workouts out there.

Start with 10 and work your way out to 100 (not all at once of course! Space it out)

Pistol Squat

Take squats to the next level with this advanced version of it. If you can’t get do this yet, start with plain ol squats and work your way up.

Handstand Pushups

Another advanced move, but check out the video above and slowly work your way up for this great chest and back workout.

L Sit

Have you seen some yoga practitioners doing this pose? Well, you can’t be bested by a girl, can you? Check out this video and learn how to do this awesome core move.

Diamond Pushup

A step up from the regular ol’ pushup but great for the chest and triceps!

So now you’ve got a whole full body workout at your disposal. Use it well young padawan!

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