Finally Google Calendar App Comes to iPhone

Been waiting for a while for Google to finally release an iOS version of their new re-designed Google Calendar, and now it is here! Obviously I was on top of that before I even finished writing the headline for this story.

Right now the best app on iOS utilizing Google Calendar is the Sunrise App but I know that’s only because many were waiting for Google Calendar to come to iOS. And now it’s here let’s see what this baby has got!

Finally Google Calendar App Comes to iPhone

Google Calendar syncs with your email and can automatically add events from your emails to your calendar. If this is your thing, then this feature will blow you away! They’re already pretty much integrated that in the desktop version (if you switch on the feature) so it’s nice to have it on your phone as well. Just like in Google Inbox, it also adds any flight details and confirmations to your calendar as well.

Finally Google Calendar App Comes to iPhone

It also attaches a little photo of the hotel or city that you’re heading to as a header image. That goes for any other type of appointment you enter. So visually it looks really pretty. The thing I didn’t like about it though was that once you create an appointment, I could not figure out how to change which calendar the event was created in. I have a few calendars, some that I share with others. I had to delete the whole event and recreate another one in the right calendar.

Also, when setting future events, it doesn’t bring up a full monthly calendar. For me, I like being able to see the whole calendar so that I have that in mind when picking a date. Instead you have a scrolling date/month/year bar, which I find annoying.

So bottom line is, yeah this calendar is awesome and really pretty. But I’m still sticking with my Sunrise app for now.

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