Aaaahhh… now this is a fucking IMPERIAL IPA. Jesus titty fucking Christ. 112 IBU. 12% ABV. TEN hops varieties. This is some seriously good hardcore IPA drinking, my friends.

The name Devil Dancer is appropriate as this takes on a reddish opaque pour with a one-two finger head if poured properly (I drink my IPAs from my nucleated IPA glasses because I’m a class act). The aroma is great but nothing special; it has that fruity, hoppy, pine scent with a tiny hint of booze due to the ABV. The flavor contains rich, creamy, peppery spice, floral, grassy, piney, citrus (the citrus part very minor) hop flavors with a very slight boozy taste. It has a velvet feel inside the mouth and on the tongue.

I have had this at room temperature and chilled and I have to say the flavor is so strong I actually prefer this one chilled (not refrigerated, you fucking amateurs). At room temp it’s a very good imperial IPA, but chilled I have to say it’s right alongside the Bell’s Hopslam as one of my two favorite IPAs so far. And another thing: this is one of the rare IPAs that can be aged. So, of course, I stuck two of them in my wine fridge. If you have the means to age beers, do not miss your chance to buy this just for that alone. If you don’t have the means to age beers, shame on you. Slug yourself in the genitals.

 Dance with the devil Deltoid

This one has not had the fantastic reviews I am giving it among the beer community, and here is why:

1. The price. $20 for a 4-pack. I bought 5 four packs. Founders hasn’t put anything out that I did not believe was well worth the price and I assumed this would qualify. At first I thought this was a bit excessive, and would have priced it at $16.00 for a 4-pack at the most. Yes, it is a 12%er and yes it is released only during the month of June but still… Founders got a little cocky with this one for most drinkers, but not for me. After several bottles my mind changed from “Nah,” to “Yes, this is worth the price.” And I went out and bought some more. But the price tag doesn’t mean you should not go out and get yourself at least one 4-pack. You must. It’s a must-have beer. I just wouldn’t stock up on it at this price without trying it first.

2. The marketing: it’s marketed as a TRIPLE IPA (there are several out there with this label). There’s no such thing, really. It’s a Double/Imperial. I think that sort of offends beer snobs. But fuck them. I’ll punch them in their faces and kick them in the cocks. It is a level beyond most typical imperials in terms of hops and ABV so something needs to note those distinguishing characters.

3. 10 Hops varieties sounds mind-blowing but it ends up falling in line with the law of diminishing returns. I can’t tell it’s got 10 hops varieties for fuck’s sake. It’s just a hop bomb. Maybe my palate isn’t trained enough. It is definitely more complex than the Founders Double Trouble Imperial so perhaps all those hops are essential to this brew’s flavor, but I doubt it.

4. This is not for the casual IPA drinker. This is a high performance machine. If you just got your driver’s permit you may be in for a scare if the first car you get in alone is a Ferrari.
One final note. I love the bottle. It has a hot, nude broad rising up seductively from the lava and flames of hell with the massive hands of Satan holding her up like a trophy. Pure art. Ronnie James Dio would have loved it (RIP DIO).


Style: 10/10
Overall: 9.5/10 chilled, 8.5/10 at room temperature.

The Deltoid has spoken!

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