Long gone are the days where year old unwashed Levi 501s and a hole-y old band t-shirt was the trend du jour for men. With Kanye rocking a skort and a plethora of strategically scruffy pretty boys dominating celebritydom at the moment, it is time men the world over did a little wardrobe overhaul.

Here are some suggestions:

Metrosexual Fashion You May be Afraid to Try
Be brave… be very, very brave…

1) Brogues or boat shoes
Nike Air Max’s and Converse hi-tops are great, but if you are nearing the big 30 mark and have only these two options in your shoe closet, we have here a failure to launch.

Brogues and boat shoes are a stylish and classy alternative.

It is a fact that any woman worth bedding sizes up a man by the shoes he wears, and there is nothing sexier than a pair of well-made leather brogues on a fine man.

FYI, if you are wearing these shoes with shorts or rolled up pants please do NOT wear the dorky white ankle socks you have stashed by the hundreds in your sock drawer.

2) Shorter Shorts
Unlike the god awful skinny jeans that have over the course of their resurgence possibly rendered a great number of men sterile (fact: those little dumplings need to be kept cool and hanging loose to stay happy and healthy), shorter shorts are hot!

Men in baggy shorts that end after the knee now scream trapped in the 90s and chicken legs. Men that rock the shorter shorts look polished, relaxed and confident.

The key is to not get overconfident. Three inches above the knee is hot, tennis shorts short is not.

3) Man Scarf
No, this does not refer to a scarf bearing the emblem and colors of your favorite footy team.
There is absolutely no shame in accessorizing.

When choosing a scarf think lush, warm and if possible cashmere!

4) Rolled up Pants
Just the way a hint of a woman’s ankle used to drive men wild back in the day, a hint of a mankle can be a very sexy thing.

It also injects just that little bit of rolled out of the bed looking damn fineness to a fine man.

5) Color and Prints
Personally I am not a fan of the salmon colored shirts, and have no idea why that caught on and stuck. Think mustard, burnt orange, deep purples and reds. These do not require an overflow of masculinity to pull off. Paisley and Aztec prints on short sleeved buttoned ups and scarves also look pretty damn hot.

You may feel a little naked, vulnerable and very much made fun of by your lesser progressive man friends the first couple of times you step out of the house, but persevere! And when in doubt, start hitting them male fashion pinterest pages before you go for a shop. Good luck!


  1. won’t ever do a scarf, but i have done the rolled up pants

  2. This is not for me.