Our erotic tale continues apace with Part 9 of La Muschi’s sexual adventure…

A short, sharp burst of chilly Summer to Autumn breeze, finds its way through the half-opened window and you notice that your beautiful, naked lady friend is shivering slightly. You stop caressing her and lie down on top of her, protecting her from the cool evening air, your penis still hard and dying to hide deep inside her. She wraps her arms around your neck and her legs around your waist. You can feel her moisture as she rubs her cunt against your stomach. You can feel her heartbeat. You can feel her warm breasts pressing against your bare chest. It feels safe, sweet and so perfect.

You carefully take her in your arms and carry her to the sofa. Then, laying her down, you get on your knees once again and kiss her pussy gently, before reaching for a blanket that you noticed was draped over the armchair to your left. What you don’t know is that she, your lover, sat in that same armchair and spread her legs for that friend she mentioned earlier, only a few weeks ago.

Now covered and feeling warmer, she beckons you to join her. You climb under the blanket and she begs you to return to that secret damp place between her legs. You suck your finger and slide it inside her. She squirms and giggles. Then you make your way down, your mouth dry with desire and you lick her slowly. Over and over again. She drips onto your tongue. You can taste her on your lips and you begin to make circular movements inside the opening of her pussy.

You can see how her perfect, pretty flower starts to open for you. You watch her juices as they begin to flow and catch the drops before they reach the outside world. Then you place your mouth over her and blow warm air between her legs. Blowing and licking, all the time the blood forcing your cock to stand to attention. You are rock hard and are playing the game like a true gentleman. ‘I want your tongue inside me,’ she groans.

La Muschi returns armed with goodies. Her lover rolls onto her back as soon as she hears the bedroom door opening and, ripping the top sheet away, she sits up and looks at La Muschi longingly. Laura’s nipples are erect and despite her self-indulgent, hedonistic orgasm, she knows that it was just the first of many she’ll enjoy that night. Placing two glasses on the bedside table, she starts to open the bottle of champaign. ‘A little drinkie my darling?’ she asks, already knowing the answer.

‘Oh, go on then… twist my rubber arm,’ Laura replies.

A loud pop resounds around their sex den and just like Laura’s dripping pussy, the bubbles force the cava to flow from inside the bottle to the neck and run down the outside of the cold glass recipient.

Then, La Muschi, taking hold of one of the glasses, leans over Laura and pours the fizzy liquid gently into her lover’s open mouth. They drink together. Tongues and lips united as the champaign spills down Laura’s chin onto her neck. La Muschi grabs the bottle. She puts down the glass and Laura whispers, ‘You wouldn’t?’

‘You know I would and I know you fucking want me to…’ 

To be continued…

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