Vagacials! & Other Interesting Sex News from the Web

The weekend is almost over, so it’s time for some interesting news from around the web to ease you towards the working week! Hopefully this little lot will tide you over till it’s ok to start drinking again.

Man scans Heinz QR code, arrives at porn site

Daniel Korell’s day probably started the same way as most of humanity, except when he reached for his ketchup bottle, he decided to try something different – actually scan the QR code on the bottle. QR codes are an interesting thing indeed, it’s pretty much useless – I’m not even sure how one would scan QR codes – and yet, if you don’t have it slapped on your product it makes you seem like you’re not with it – ‘it’ being vague indeed. Daniel was in for a surprise, because the QR code took him not to Heinz website, but to a porn site called Fundorado.

“Your ketchup is probably not for minors,” Daniel helpfully suggested on Heinz Facebook page, “Tested several phones with QR code readers. Oh, for direct input of the URL you get the same result.” Turns out Heinz let the name tied to its QR code expire. For shame Heinz! In this day and age? But it gets better, Fundorado also showed up on the thread and offered Daniel a year’s free subscription! Talk about seizing the opportunity indeed. Oh and Daniel seems to be having a fantastic day!

Vagacial Treatments are apparently a thing now

I suppose since I’ve never had a child pop out of my vagina, I’ve never bothered much about how my vagina looks – though that might change as I grow more matured. But who knows? Either way, has reported that Vagacials – or Vagina Facials – are now a ‘thing’ in Britain. What exactly does a vagina facial entail? Well, it involves some steaming and applying some vitamins and egg white to the intimate area – so your vagina will look like it’s 25-years-old again! And who wouldn’t want that?

This pop video might land this Ugandan singer in jail

As pop videos go, this isn’t anything to shout about, but that doesn’t mean that Jemimah Kansiime needs to be thrown in jail for it! Well, to be clear she might be going to jail because she has broken Uganda’s tough anti-pornography laws. Comparing her video to the likes of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, it doesn’t stand out as something uber-sexual. I mean have you seen Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda video? Yeah. Uganda has gotten a lot of flack over their strict laws against homosexuality, now their anti-pornography and consequently their ban on mini-skirts. Uh, victim blame much? Obviously the women of Uganda haven’t taken this sitting down and rightfully so.

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