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Keeping An Eye On The Porn World

Keeping An Eye On The Porn World

An article this week on AlterNet reported on a project charmingly called F*ck For Forest (FFF), designed apparently for people who like porn and who would like to get behind a movement that conjoins concern for the environment with sexual liberation. The FFF, a non-profit organization […]

Jewish porn stars

The Reign of the Jewish Porn Star

Perhaps my last name and overall features might give it away, but in case you’re wondering, I’m not Jewish. As a comedian, though, I have idolized and followed closely the lives of many Jewish comics and entertainers and familiarized myself with some of the idiosyncrasies […]

porn goes full circle

The Porn Star Turns Full Circle

I was browsing incognito the other day, and it suddenly struck me that I didn’t know the names of any of the people present. I suddenly realized that in terms of its protagonist, porn has gone full circle. Pornography as we know it arguably drifted […]

porn filters questioned

Porn Filters Are Questioned

The UK government declared “war on porn” – at least online – and demanded that Internet service providers (ISPs) install filters to block adult entertainment sites. Still, hardcore content slips through while sex education sites and women’s abuse sites are blocked. Three ISPs, TalkTalk, BT, […]


Venus Awards Ceremony Winners 2013

October 18, 2013, saw the Venus Awards Ceremony in Berlin. In case you missed it, here are the results: Public’s Choice Awards: Best Actor – Markus Waxxenegger Best Newcomer (female) – Xania Wet Best Actress – Lena Nitro Best Director – John Thompson GGG Best […]

Condoms leaving porn industry out to dry

Condom Law Affecting LA Porn Industry

In January 2013 a new law mandating the compulsory use of condoms on adult film sets, following an outbreak of HIV, went into effect. When the law was passed in November 2012, opponents of the legislation predicted that as a result porn production in LA […]

The Mandatory Use of Condoms in Porn

An H.I.V outbreak in the porn industry has prompted a fresh debate over the mandatory use of condoms to protect its actors, yet many industry insiders believe that such a mandate would produce the opposite outcome. Realistically, porn without condoms will always be more popular […]

British Banks Set to Punish Porn Sites

Banks and credit card companies have jumped on board the government’s plan to clean up the Internet. The plan is to stop payments to websites that show legal images, but don’t prevent children access to the content. It’s thought to be the first time banks […]

Drive for mandatory use of condoms in porn

Remember that night in the bar when your courage, fueled by intoxicating beverages, turned you into that womanizing Casanova you deeply wished you really were? That night when your swagger and wit eventually landed you a gorgeous fox in bed? However, you probably knew subconsciously […]

UK PM Announces Plan to Impose Porn Filters

Life is full of irony. Just ask Alanis Morissette – though make sure you’re sitting down comfortably for the answer. Take David Cameron (please, someone take David Cameron… and put him back in the box of pale, waxy candlesticks from whence he most assuredly emerged); […]

Tumblr Adds Adult Content Filters to Apps

In May 2013 Yahoo! bought microblogging site Tumblr for US$1.1bn. CEO Marissa Mayer promised “not to screw it up” but it looks like that’s exactly what has started to happen. By adding adult content filters on mobile apps, the company is alienating some of Tumblr’s […]