VR Porn Videos Now Available On Your PSVR


Throughout history, the adult industry has been a trailblazer and key driver of emerging technology. Sony’s decision to not allow porn on Betamax was a major reason why VHS became the standard format that was widely adopted in the 80s. Similarly, the porn industry’s adoption […]

3D Porn For the PSVR 1

3D Porn For the PSVR

Virtual reality technology has been introduced and will most likely soon be mainstream. Sony is doing their best to incorporate this technology into their PlayStation consoles for their users. Watching 3D, 180, and 360° content on your Playstation console will now be a possibility thanks […]

BadoinkVR’s New Hands-Free Theater Mode

BadoinkVR’s New Hands-Free Theater Mode

It’s been a persistent cliché since Minority Report was released back in 2002 that the future of computer interfacing would require a Nintendo PowerGlove and floating holograms… ..even 15 years later, that promise of a better more ergonomic approach to navigating software and operating consumer […]

The Infinite Potential of VR Porn 2

The Infinite Potential of VR Porn

I was talking to some friends the other night about porn. Given what I do, it’s a conversation that I find coming up more and more. Sometimes there’s a belligerent edge to the dialogue, where I am expected singlehandedly to justify the existence of pornography […]