New Standalone VR Headset Tailored for Erotic Entertainment Features Premium Content from BaDoinkVR

Hologram LTD, a versatile software development house focused on multiple platforms and VR solutions in the corporate and games space, today announced VRotica, a user-friendly virtual reality platform dedicated to erotic content.  The standalone VR headset will fundamentally change the consumer VR experience with its easy to use user interface and functionality. VRotica brings the immersive nature of adult entertainment VR to the world at a low cost and with no need for any expertise other than to know to press an “on” button; no installation or syncing with your smartphone necessary.  For more information about VRotica, please visit

VRotica has teamed up with BaDoinkVR, the world’s premiere destination for adult virtual reality entertainment, to provide premium preloaded content for the headset at launch. BaDoinkVR has bundled a selection of their top quality erotic VR content available to all purchasers, and will continue to work with the VRotica team to deliver the best user experience across the platform. The headset will also feature premium content from VRCosplayX, the new VR porn cosplay theme site powered by BaDoinkVR.

“Our goal is to bring immersive virtual reality entertainment to anybody that wants to experience it, with no technical knowledge required.” said Deniz Opal, CTO of Hologram,  “VRotica streamlines the entire process for adult entertainment, and BaDoinkVR’s A-List content really completes the platform. The combination of easy to use hardware, and top quality content, makes VRotica a compelling consumer VR product available today, not in a few years time as the industry has been speculating.”

The VRotica platform is open to producers to join and upload their videos. In order to streamline the experience, the company will vet the videos; they must be legally made and meet their quality guidelines. The user can then point and click within the headset to download videos.

“This is an incredible leap forward for consumers of adult VR content and the industry as a whole,” said Xavi Clos, Head of Production, BaDoinkVR. “The simplicity of the platform and lower price point lowers the barrier to entry so more people will be able to enjoy the exciting and immersive nature of it.”

By utilizing the latest VR technology and bringing top quality erotic content to the users fingertips, VRotica distills the functionality of what makes VR amazing. The VRotica headset is currently available to buy in the USA, Europe, and Australia on Amazon and the VRotica web site. It retails for $220.


About VRotica

VRotica is a VR platform dedicated to adult entertainment released in June 2017. The platform includes a fully featured video store. VR adult content producers are invited to sign up and upload their content to be sold to VRotica users. Users of the platform purchase a stand-alone VRotica headset and can point and click at the videos they would like to purchase within the headset’s internal menu.

For more information, visit the consumer web site at, or on social media at Facebook:, Twitter @vroticaheadset, Instagram: @vrotica.


About Hologram LTD
The VRotica platform is developed and supported by Hologram LTD (“The Innovation Alchemists”). Hologram is a versatile development studio that was established in 2008 and has developed software for various industries, from financial analysis suites to AAA console games. The team boast global companies such as Samsung, Humble Bundle, and THY among its clients.

Hologram has always made a point of working on the cutting edge of technology, and continues to develop the the VR platform utilised by VRotica, as well as other innovative technologies in the VR, AI, and AR spaces. The team are also active in academia and open source communities.

For more information visit or on social media at
Facebook:, Twitter @HologramLTD


About BaDoinkVR

BaDoinkVR is the world’s leading virtual reality adult entertainment production company.  Their premiere paid subscription service offers both 180 and 360-degree immersive videos featuring motion tracking, binaural audio, and today’s hottest adult entertainment stars.  Part of CMP Group, initially launched in 2006 as a premier online adult entertainment destination with a robust proprietary technology platform.  BaDoinkVR was recently named “Internet Company of the Year” by the Free Speech coalition and the “Adult Site of the Year: Virtual Reality” by XBiz.  For more information, visit the consumer web site at, the virtual reality site at BaDoinkVR, or on social media at, Twitter: @badoinkofficial, @VRCosplayX; Instagram: @badoinkofficial.

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