We knew they were up to no good …

The 2017 Millennial Sex Survey by SKYN Condoms proved what the Xennial and older crowd may have already known. These Millennial kids treat their phones like handheld sex clubs! This survey suggests that all those times we thought those sneaky Millennials were doing bad things on their phone at the dinner table, we were right!

A new survey from Ansell, a global leader in protection solutions and the makers of LifeStyles® and SKYN® Condoms (“SKYN”) reveals that nearly 50% of millennials are regularly sexting and sharing naked photos.

Yikes! So when you thought that oddly-put-together-for-his-age Jacob was working on his “social influencer” side gig at dinner, there was a 53% chance he was sharing his spotted dick on SNAPCHAT! According to the survey results, 53% of dudes and 27% of gals use the popular social media platform for putting their naughty-bits out there. Yay for progressive views on sex and the human body. Boo on causing your sweet Gran to wonder if you’re food blogging about her world-famous spaghetti, or drooling over some other woman’s tortellini!

Speaking of hairless apes …

Millennials seem to be a-okay with showing some skin online! With 42% of guys sending the full monty across the inter-webs, and 50% receiving in kind, we wonder if they truly want that kind of material at the ready. Maybe it makes for more respectful break-ups?

We certainly would not want a hookup/relationship to end on a sour note with our birthday suit pics ready to share with the world. “Sorry Mom, yes that is me but in my defense, she must have snooped on my phone to find your number. So bad on her, right?” Here’s what Emily Morse, Sexologist and Host of the “Sex with Emily” podcast, has to say:

Sexting can be seen as the modern day love letter, but when nude photos enter the equation, it can veer from harmless flirting to viral sharing. All millennials should be aware that any pictures they send out could end up in the wrong hands, and this data drives that point home.

We don’t blame them. In fact, we’re jealous!

Who cares if these crazy kids like to share their Beau-Dangle with anyone who’ll open that DM? Should we really judge young women who are prudently showing off their kitty prior to bringing it to his cat cafe? At the end of the day, what’s the harm in making sex and the human body that much more accessible? Less taboo, more accessible education, many more visual examples of all the wonderful shapes and size of the human form. Let’s get with it old timers! Join us on SNAPCHAT and see what all the cool kids are up to!

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