Air France is taking VR into the stratosphere! With a small number of virtual reality headsets on specific flights, they seek to elevate their business class experience above that of their competitors.

“The trial is initially running on the carrier’s A340 flights between Paris CDG and St Martin, with four VR headsets available in business class, offering “a selection of some forty films and series.”

Business Traveler (SFW)

The content is preloaded to the gratis headsets from San Francisco-based start-up Skylights. If all goes well, you may see Skylights headsets on more Air France flights. Hopefully, all business class seats will come with a partition, white-noise machine and handy-wipes!

Let’s hope they offer free Wi-Fi in the future so we can ditch the preloaded content and watch new releases from BaDoinkVR (NSFW)! Then we can all join the mile high club!

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