Bridgette B in UF-Ho.Were you moved as a kid when you first saw that beautiful relationship develop between young Elliott and the lovable large lump of carefully sculptured earwax that was E.T., the sophisticated alien explorer from an advanced race that had great, colorful spaceships, but didn’t even hand out proper smartphones in case of emergencies?

Well now, you can relive that magic in our new scene UF-Ho, in which hot young blond Britney Young has a close encounter of the multi-orgasmic kind when an extraterrestrial HOT.E., played by another scorching blond Bridgette B, crash lands on Earth in order to study human mating rituals.

Luckily for this interplanetary sexplorer, Terran tease Britney knows all the moves. To see if they can both withstand the G-Spot forces of re-entry, register with BaDoink VIP today and watch the full, uncensored footage of this awesome first contact.

Let’s hope she requested an extended leave. Bone home anyone?

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