VR porn is gradually growing into a much bigger industry than originally anticipated. It’s giving rise to new sub-sects like VR porn games and teledildonics. While porn games are all good and merry, it’s the VR sex toys or teledildonics, which are really exciting.

Imagine a universe where you no longer need a woman to get laid. Or, where you can have virtual sex with your favorite pornstar. Or, where you can get intimate with your loved one over a video call. Sounds interesting? It very well is. Recent advances in teledildonics allow interactive technology to enable synchronized sex toys, and that’s a game changer. It not only innovates on the decades-old concept of an artificial penis but brings the ability to connect sexually on a remote basis. Gone are the days of boring old cybersex and homemade sex toys, the future is here. Now that artificial sex parts are more accessible to men, there are a lot more VR sex toys on the market to consider. We’re here to guide you through it.

VR Sex Toys To Look Out For

Lovense Max

Lovense was the first company to release a teledildonic product. In 2013, they released an interactive masturbator made for men. The product looks pretty unassuming for a masturbator and provides the user with the option to increase the speed, vibration, and movement. It uses a patent-pending air pump technology which creates the suction force like a blowjob by using air pressure. It can connect remotely to Lovense Nora (which is for women) via video chat or with VR porn videos on VirtualRealPorn. Enjoy the sensation and movements of your favorite pornstar’s touch from the comfort of your bedroom.

VR Sex Toys: These companies aren't playing around 3

Lovense Nora

Lovense Nora is the first interactive rabbit vibrator ever to have hit the market. This vibrator was created to oscillate and vibrate to provide the ultimate pleasure sensation without the need of a man. One of the key aspects of the vibrator is that is syncs up with your partner’s Max and creates a two-way sexual connection irrespective of the distance between you two, so, even if you are in Paris and your partner is in London, you can still enjoy his touch. The Nora captures the muscle contractions inside a woman and relays that to the Max.

VR Sex Toys: These companies aren't playing around 2

Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch

Kiiroo’s Fleshlight Launch was the first in the market to bring a superior blend of skin-like material, advanced teledildonics movement, and interactive environment. Unlike the Max, the Fleshlight’s USP is the SuperSkin sleeve (which is the internal silicon compartment of the masturbator) and the use of a powerful motor to drive orgasms. This masturbator is fully-automated and capable of providing a powerful 180 strokes per minute.

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Kiiroo Onyx

The Onyx uses much of the same technology as the Fleshlight Launch but comes in a lighter set. It has one-touch multi-functional buttons which control the power and the modes. By selecting the different modes you can take control of the speed of the contractions and depth of the insertion. Along with Kiiroo Pearl, the Onyx forms a potent combination rivaling Lovense’s Max and Nora. You can also connect your Onyx with the Pearl using their Android and iOS app to simulate intimate connections at the same time.

VR Sex Toys: These companies aren't playing around

This is just a selection of the available VR sex toys, but as you can imagine, the possibilities are endless. It may be tempting to go ahead and bulk buy all four of these, but we’d recommend tiptoeing into these waters. Add one of these to your late night fap sesh and learn how to maximize your VR porn experience with a haptic toy. Let us know how it goes. If you’ve already got one, drop a suggestion in the comments section below!

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