Meet The Editor

Hi, hello, greetings and ‘whaddup’ to all of you out there. My name is John Lane and I have the awesome pleasure of being the Editor in Chief of BaDoink Magazine, the online lifestyle, sex and tech magazine that all of us here at BaDoink feel pretty damn sure will shortly become known as the greatest damn thing on the Internet… since the Internet!

A lot of you out there in the ‘real’ world will know all about BaDoink and what we do. A lot of you won’t, being fresh, wide-eyed explorers, brought to these shores by some of the amazing articles you’ve suddenly found your friends sharing with you. To all the newbies, you’ve probably taken a look around the site and thought, hey, there’s a lot of profiles and pictures of women pointing you towards some pretty explicit material. What the hell? To all our loyal, long-time visitors, you’ve probably taken a look and thought, hey, what are all these articles? Where are the women? What the hell?

Valid points, from both sides, and my hearty congratulations to you for your no-nonsense approach to what you want in life. Perhaps then, in order to smooth away those concern frown-wrinkles, why don’t I quickly explain to you all what BaDoink stands for and where we’re going from the perspective of the magazine.

Simply put, the aim of the magazine is to provide quality, entertaining and informative articles covering lifestyle, technology and, of course, sex, in such a way that BaDoink becomes as much a household name in the 21st century as Playboy did in the 20th, matching its trajectory from under the bed to pride of place on top of the coffee table. We want men – and women – to be able to say they read BaDoink and for that to be totally, admirably cool.

Our readers, you guys, well you can expect to be entertained and informed, which is basically everything anybody wants from a magazine. And those who aren’t that familiar with us just yet, well, they can expect to have any preconceived notions about who we are, what we do, and what we believe blown out of the water by the breadth of our content.

Yes, sure, BaDoink has up until this very moment been associated with the adult entertainment industry and, guess what, it very much still is. We’re not going to stop providing adult content through our other media arms… and the magazine will in no way shy away from that. In fact, that’s the reason why we make sex one of the central topics of the magazine. But we aim to approach the subject in an enjoyable but adult, intelligent manner. Plus, we cover all gender perspectives too, because we’re all about freedom of expression and sexual liberation. We understand, implicitly, that sexually the world has evolved.

In fact, BaDoink is all about evolution, and we think that will be of great value to our readers. Our focus, whether we’re talking about tech or sex or whatever, is to speak to the modern man and woman. When you read BaDoink you’ll feel like you’re involved in a dialogue, with friends, with experts, with people you trust and respect. More importantly, you won’t feel like anyone is talking down to you.

We’re always going to have something for everyone, be that politics, health, fun and entertainment, whatever; when you open BaDoink, you’ll be opening a window onto ALL aspects of today’s world.

As the magazine moves forward, we plan to grow exponentially bigger in scope, readership and renown, interviewing some of the hottest, most interesting names out there; getting in there first on the latest innovations in tech and gaming, and providing you with everything you need to know to navigate this world like the sophisticated, savvy coolsters we know you are.

Basically, we plan to take over the planet, and we want you there with us the whole way. Welcome to BaDoink, people.