Cult Film Review: [REC]

Cult Film Review: [REC]

Make no mistake about it: [REC] (2007) is a terrifying slice of cinema. The found-footage zombie survival horror thriller is only 70 minutes long, but is fast-paced, frantic gory and disgusting enough to make up for its relatively short running time. The Spanish film follows […]

Mobile World Congress - Day Three

Mobile World Congress – Day Three

As this year’s instalment of Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress entered the final straight and the thousands in attendance slowly fled the city by train, plane and automobile you can’t help but ponder over a few issues. That is a journalist’s job after all! First of […]

Mobile World Congress - Day One

Mobile World Congress – Day One

To say that Barcelona’s La Fira Gran Via, home of the annual Mobile World Congress, is busy would be something of an understatement. “We hope for 19,000 people!” my driver tells me, in between railing against the masses of unlicensed cabs that operate at this […]

Primavera Sound: Rock, Roll, and Exhaustion

Primavera Sound: Rock, Roll, and Exhaustion

Last weekend, from May 28 to May 31, thousands upon thousands of Barcelona locals, short time foreign residents and belligerent visitors descended upon the Parc Forum, on the coast of the Mediterranean metropolis, to witness one of the finest festivals around. Primavera Sound was eclectic, […]

beach vendors

I’m at the Beach… Not A Shop!

Imagine the scene, dear visitor. There you are, sunning yourself on a warm, sandy beach. You lie relaxed, your eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the sun bathing your skin (something you only experience on your annual vacation if you are British). You’ve been looking […]


Feeling and Being Connected In A City

Image: A view of Barcelona from Gaudi Park Flying from my home in Barcelona to my hometown, Melbourne, Australia, usually requires arming myself with concise and considered answers to a whole lot of well-intentioned questions from interested friends and family members. Pondering on the themes […]