Image above: Ambiente Tame Impala 2013, Dani Canto

This May, you best get yourself out to Barcelona, because Primavera Sound, the famous indie music festival, has a ridiculous lineup. Bands from all over are going to grace the BCN stages with their presence, and tickets are already disappearing at a phenomenal rate. Even though the festival doesn’t take place until the 28th-31st of May, I’d advise you to get tickets as soon as humanly possible.

This spring, the festival is to be headlined by a number of great bands, with a cornucopia of amazing supporting acts. Primavera Sound has been lax the past few years (Blur and Wu Tang Clan? Sweet, but not worth the large sum of euros), but seriously, Internet friends, this year blows them away. Tickets now cost 170 euros (you can purchase them from their website, via Ticketmaster if you dare, or from a number of other sites) until the 7th, when the price goes up to 195 euros. Even at near 200 euros, the festival will be worth it, and I almost never say that about things that cost that much.

Primavera Sound

The event kicks off Wednesday the 28th with a number of shows around the city, including a free concert at Parc del Forum, the site of the main three days (a giant concrete wonderland of stages and beer). The Brian Jonestown Massacre play Sala Apolo that night, which will be awesome.

Thursday through Saturday are the main days of the festival, each with their own headliners. No press has appeared indicating what times bands go on, but looking at the names makes speculation easy. Thursday night is pretty incredible-looking, with The Arcade Fire and Queens of the Stone Age presumably closing out the night. Neutral Milk Hotel and CHVRCHES also are set to play. Jamie xx as well, and that’s pretty rad.

Friday night is going to be insane. I believe The National and the Pixies are headlining that evening, hopefully not at the same time (that would be a difficult decision). Also, The Drive-By Truckers and Slint are playing, and SBTRKT is going to absolutely kill it.

And Saturday will be the most epic of all, with Nine Inch Nails set to break folks’ eardrums. Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Mogwai return to crush souls and leave people awash in epic guitar sludge, and Foals will most likely be one of the standout performances. But then there’s The Dismemberment Plan, Chromeo, and Spoon.

If you are alive after those three or four nights, check out Chromeo on Sunday.

Seriously, my Internet compatriots, this is going to be an incredible festival, worth all the dollars that then turn to euros (very tragic math right there). What’s more, it takes place in Barcelona, one of the sweetest cities on this Earth. Unlike many American festivals, this event goes till almost three or four every night (if my memory from last year serves), and the partying hardly stops there. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to come to Barcelona, this is it.

My advice? Buy tickets early, and then begin planning around that. Barcelona is cheapish, but can get expensive if you’re not intelligent about it. Book hostels or apartments as soon as you know the travel dates, and give yourself a day before and after the festival to recover. Then travel around the area, because Catalonia in May and June is completely awesome. But yeah, get everything sorted as soon as possible, then sit back, make a bunch of playlists to learn every word to the songs, and begin counting the days.

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  1. Looks very cool. Sonar is also something like 2 weeks after this too. To those coming, my suggestion would be to book the whole month off and do both festivals. Will be worth it. Find a cheap rental appartment on airbnb or something.