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3D Porn For the PSVR 1

3D Porn For the PSVR

Virtual reality technology has been introduced and will most likely soon be mainstream. Sony is doing their best to incorporate this technology into their PlayStation consoles for their users. Watching 3D, 180, and 360° content on your Playstation console will now be a possibility thanks […]

Our Instagram Crush Monday: Galina Dub

This is the ridiculous Galina Dub, she’s a jet setting Russian who sends her time traveling around Europe looking fantastic. Signed by Mavrin Models Management, she is a professional model and Instagram superstar who has attracted more than 2.3 million followers to her account.   […]

BadoinkVR’s New Hands-Free Theater Mode

BadoinkVR’s New Hands-Free Theater Mode

It’s been a persistent cliché since Minority Report was released back in 2002 that the future of computer interfacing would require a Nintendo PowerGlove and floating holograms… ..even 15 years later, that promise of a better more ergonomic approach to navigating software and operating consumer […]

BaDoink VR Porn Videos On PS4 1

BaDoink VR Porn Videos On PS4

Trends with Benefits Let’s be honest here for a second; “Batman Arkham VR” is not the only reason you’re thinking about hooking up the PlayStationVR system to your PS4. When VHS came out, we used it to watch porn. We did the same thing with […]