03_330x400It’s hard being a cop… and Officer Jeanie Marie is going to find out just how hard it can be when she finds herself on the end of her partner’s truncheon.

When Officer Jeanie and her partner make a house call following a 911, they surprised to find nobody at home.

Carrying out a routine search for anything suspicious, their eyes are drawn to a strange, yet familiar, thick rubber sculpture.

Thinking it might be a weapon Officer Jeanie’s partner can’t help but compare it to his own… and she can’t help wonder which would be better too.

Taking advantage of the skills they no doubt learned at Police Academy, they decide to do a little investigation of their own.

There’s nothing like a bit of deep-probe ‘analysis’ to really break open a case… This is one instance when the order to ‘Spread ’em!’ goes down real well. In fact, it goes down as well as Officer Jeanie Marie does!

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