Miley May getting poured champagne in 'Wrecking Balls'.It’s not easy being a star… everybody expects so much of you. It’s even worse if you used to be a teen idol… nobody wants you to grow up.

Poor little Miley May finds herself feeling down, despite the glitter and fame.

She’s plum tuckered out after twerking hard all day, corresponding with angry old bald women and having her nipples repressed.

No wonder the girl needs some fun. Miley’s going to need some serious inspiration if she’s going to carry on waggling her tush, flapping her tongue and freeing her nips.

Luckily, Miley’s assistant is on hand to give her just the kind of push she needs, to thrust her back into the game good and hard. So she’ll be riding high again real soon and after getting in some serious butt work and wrecking some balls!

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