Dick FlickThere are places you just don’t go, right? Like banging your best friend’s sister. You just don’t do it. Except, sometimes, you do.

In Dick Flick, a great new scene from BaDoink, Vanessa Cage is chilling with her bro’ and his bestie watching a  movie, when the bro gets a call to go pick up his girlfriend, trusting his best friend not to do the dirty with his sis.

Vanessa has other ideas though, putting the friend into an awkward position… and then a more comfortable one… and even more comfortable one after that.

What’s a guy supposed to do? Best friend or not, if the sister’s hot… you gotta give it a shot.

Find out what happens by registering with BaDoink VIP today and watching the full scene, uncensored.

Just make sure you’re done before your bro’ gets back.

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