This spectacular young hottie is brand new to both, porn and age of consent. She has a gorgeous smile, long black hair and amazing 32C tits.

Aidra is of Czech, German and Polish descent. She grew up in Milwaukee, something she was never that excited about, as she couldn’t stand the cold temperatures. Later on, she moved to Miami with her mother, and although the weather was a lot nicer, she hated it there, too.

While in Florida, she was going through a rough patch and decided to relocate to pursue her dream. She turned 18 on September 25th 2013, and moved to Los Angeles right away to get her porn career started.

Aidra is a very driven person, and had been wanting to join the adult industry for a long time. She does it because she loves it, and doesn’t care about online ratings or followers. She loves being a porn star, and her life is completely focused on that. Even when she goes shopping for personal clothes, she’s always thinking about how something might look on set.

Aidra is bisexual and has dated both, men and women. She prefers 6-inch dicks, but is not that picky about length; it’s girth that really matters to her. She loves giving messy blowjobs, and girls who are not into them confuse her. She’s also very much into bondage, and loves the way her wrists feel the day after a good bondage session. Her biggest fantasy is to come home to a girl, all dressed up, and be dominated by her.

She simply loves her own tits, and thinks she might admire them more than anyone else does; she spends a good chunk of her time playing with them. When it’s time to masturbate, her favorite sex toy is her Hitachi.

For the first five months of her career, she only did lesbian or bondage scenes. Her first boy/girl shoot happened on late February 2014, which sparked her hunger for men again.

Aidra is very independent and hates asking for things. She tends to wake up really early. She loves yoga and stretches everyday. She’s also an avid marijuana smoker, especially since she moved to California.

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