This Chinese-born beauty became a Spiegler girl in no time. She has long black hair, a nice tall slim body with great curves, and a really hot tattoo of a smoking gun on her hip that points to the promised land.

Alina grew up in many places in China. She was born in Shanghai, but then got moved around after their parents divorce. She spent the bulk of her childhood living with aunts, uncles, grandparents, and short stints with both parents. She believes this has made her a really strong person, easy going and independent. Still, her parents said she could get anything she wanted if she got good grades in school and not do anything stupid. So, much to the surprise of many, she actually followed the rules growing up.

Alina Li

After her mom got re-married, they moved to the States in 2009, right before Alina turned 15. Originally, they lived in Vermont, but when Alina became of age, she moved to New York, as she missed the city life she grew up with.

She’s been a big fan of Asa Akira for years, and she was the inspiration for Alina to start doing porn. One day she just told herself, “Fuck it. I should follow her footsteps and see where I end up.” She was actually thinking of Asa when she came up with her stage name. She chose Alina because it also started with A. She wanted to keep it simple on the last name, so she picked Li.

Alina entered the industry a couple of months after graduating high school. She was very scared when she first started. She thought she was going to get stepped on and judged.  It turned out everyone was very friendly and now she feels they’re like a big family.

Her favorite thing about being a performer is having no strings attached with other performers. It’s a very open relationship in the business and it suits her personality.

Alina Li

Her most pleasurable moment in the industry (so far) has been a shoot for Kink, when they tied her whole body up in a doggy position and fucked her with the Hitachi. She came so hard that when the director asked her what her name was, she almost spilled out her real name!

Alina definitely enjoys a female body more than a male one. She feels there’s more to play with and she loves eating pussy and making her partner orgasm.

It’s very important for her to be active. Not long ago, she enjoyed boxing (until someone bruised her in the face, that is.) She was also pole dancing for a while.

Alina has never seen a scene of hers. She doesn’t know how she performs on camera, and she doesn’t want to either. She will look at her pictures, though.

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