Not to be confused with the similarly named popular singer, the very cute Ariana Grand comes to BaDoink after just a few weeks of starting in the industry. She has long brown hair, beautiful clear eyes and a great set of perky 34B tits.

She grew up in the Midwest, in a small town that she describes as very rural and plain. She’s much happier now in Los Angeles, as she loves the warm weather and amazing tacos that Southern California has to offer.

Ariana started her career in the adult business in the Spring of 2014, at the age of 19. The first time she shot a boy/girl scene there were a lot of people on the set, so she was very nervous at first, but after a while she couldn’t even tell the cameras were there. She was hooked, and confessed it didn’t feel anything like the sex she could have at home; this was much more intense for her.


Ariana also loves her hours in her current job, it’s one of the things she likes the most about being a porn star. She has found the industry to be very welcoming to her, too.

She’s into tall clean-cut guys, usually. Dick-wise, she likes a broad spectrum, and her preference changes depending on the day. As for girls, she had made out with some before doing porn, but her first sexual experience with a woman was in front of the camera; she’s still figuring out which girls she prefers, but she’s having fun in the meantime.

Ariana likes restraints during sex, and would like to explore that a lot more during her career. Being dominated turns her on. Her favorite sexual position is doggystyle.


Before doing porn, her vibrator of choice was the Rabbit. However, during her first shoot, she was introduced to the Magic Wand, and that quickly became her favorite sex toy.

If she weren’t doing porn, she’d probably work in something fitness-related, like teaching Pilates. In her free time she enjoys being active; going to the beach, hiking, and general outdoor activities.

She has the text: “Don’t dream your life, live your dream” tattooed on her right foot, and it’s a motto she lives by.

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