This beautiful skinny mid-western girl has made quite a splash in the adult industry in the last couple of years. She has short blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a wonderful petite body.

Her journey in the adult industry began with solo glamour shoots as a mainstream model. While living in Colorado, and being generally bored and dissatisfied with her life, an agent contacted her and offered representation if she made it to California. Three months later she was in Los Angeles and hasn’t looked back since.

Ash HollywoodEven though her real birth happened over 21 years earlier, she likes to say Ash Hollywood was born on March 13, 2011. That’s the day she began working in the industry and, most importantly, the day she decided to express who she really was.

Ash is her real name, she couldn’t think of being called anything but her own name. Hollywood was a nickname of hers when she was a promoter and go-go dancer.

She masturbated for the first time in her life while she was in front of a camera. She claimed she always had someone to do it for her. Ash quickly moved on to her greatest sexual passion: Girls. Although she still enjoys guys a lot, she admits being a little sadistic. She likes making guys come on their own face because she thinks it’s funny.

Ash loves her eyes and her stomach. Sex toy-wise, she usually pairs her Hitachi with a dildo.

She says she doesn’t have a fantasy herself anymore, she has fulfilled all of them, but her favorite thing about porn is making other people’s fantasies come true. She loves surprises and every day in this job is full of them!

Above everything else, she’s an adrenaline junkie. She loves extreme sports such as snowboarding and wakeboarding. Earlier in life, she was a ten-year gymnast, a basketball addict and a state champion swimmer. She was always a tomboy, never a girly girl.

Ash is addicted to food and loves to cook. She’ll take a home-cooked meal over eating out any night.

In 2013 she was one of the 16 actresses portrayed in the documentary film Aroused.

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