This super busty blonde came originally from Minnesota. Britney is very petite, so her huge natural 36D boobs just look that much bigger on her small frame. After sharing with some friends that she would like to pursue modeling, she put some of her pictures online, catching the interest of several adult agencies. Two months later she was moving to California. Although she always thought porn looked fun, she originally just wanted to do adult modeling, but the money was too hard to turn down.

Britney YoungBritney was a trouble-maker growing up, drinking and partying all the time, and claims that guys are the only thing about high school that kept her from dropping out. She had to switch to different schools because of behavioral issues. Also, while she was still a senior in high school, she got a job at a nursing home as a dietary aid. After graduation she didn’t feel college was for her, so she got an apartment and found a job cleaning at a hotel.

Her boobs and legs are her favorite parts of her body, and it’s hard to disagree with her! Although she likes guys a lot, she prefers watching girl-on-girl porn. She would love to have sex with Angelina Jolie. She’s a big fan of fellow porn actor Peter North.

Britney got her porn name (or more specifically, her last name) in honor of Young Jeezy, her favorite rapper, who she would love to meet. She’s a big hip-hop fan.

She prefers the left side of the bed. Her favorite position is doggy-style.

Now that she resides in California, Britney says she’d really like to go to college. She would like to get into directing in the future, and recently bought a lot of equipment to do so. She plans to direct and star in her own parodies, have her own production company, and maybe an agency.

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