Brooklyn Chase is an adorable busty girl from Southern California. She has an impressive set of 32DD boobs, lovely big brown eyes and a very sweet demeanor that can conquer anyone.

Before she joined the adult industry she used to run a retail pharmacy. She started doing porn at the age of 26. Her reason was simple: She always enjoyed sex, and she figured she “wasn’t horrible to look at,” so she gave it a shot. She felt very nervous and clueless during her first shoot, but found everyone very supportive and quickly got comfortable.

Brooklyn ChaseBrooklyn lost her virginity right after turning 15, although oddly she didn’t start performing oral sex till she was in her early 20s. She married her high school sweetheart when she was 18 years old. She divorced him soon after and was married a second time after that. Both of her husbands cheated on her, which marked the end of both relationships.

She has four tattoos: a butterfly on her lower back; wings between her shoulder blades; a flower on her hip; and the name of someone important for her on her wrist. She got implants in 2004, augmenting from a 32B to her current double-D size.

Brooklyn will not do anal on camera, claiming that she has to save some things for her personal life. Other than that, she is open to mostly anything.

She likes nice guys; someone who will hold the door open for her and will text her during the day to know how she’s doing. The perfect guy for her is someone who is unconditionally supportive, kind and caring, with a great sense of humor.

Brooklyn is a very cheerful and positive person and usually can’t stay angry for more than 5 minutes; she’ll forget and go back to her sweet ways. She’s not a big party girl, likes quiet times at home and doesn’t do any drugs, but does enjoy the occasional white wine.

She says she rarely gets hit on by strangers, and prefers it that way. She doesn’t get recognized often. She is very grateful for the support she has received from fans, though, and tries very hard to answer every tweet she gets.

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