This Southern blonde has a lovely innocent look (sometimes even enhanced by her braces!) She’s very short and petite, with small yet perky nipples and deep blue eyes.

She was raised in a strict Southern Baptist household, which didn’t react too kindly to the idea of Elaina becoming a porn actress. She is very close to her brother, though, who is proud of her decision of leaving North Carolina and making something out of herself.

Elaina RayeHer first job was as a summer camp counselor. Later on, in spite of having very small boobs, she padded up and worked as a waitress at Hooters.

Her agent allegedly tricked her into the adult industry. After finding her on MySpace, he convinced her to go to Los Angeles for just a nude modeling photo shoot; once she was in LA, though, he revealed she would also have to have sex on camera. Eventually, she ended up really enjoying her job, and looks back at that moment with a more thankful outlook.

One of the biggest turn-ons for her about doing porn is that even though it’s frowned upon by a large part of society, it has given her the opportunity to explore her sexuality in a safe and controlled environment.

Elaina recalls her first public disgrace scene as her most interesting sexual experience, and it was shot at a convenience store; though she still thinks the strangest place she ever had sex was on her friend’s trampoline.

Her turn-ons are getting kissed on the neck, and her bikini line as well. Having said that, she loves it when a guy gets a little rough with her. She prefers men with initiative that are not afraid to make a first move.

Her lifestyle is fairly relaxed: She likes sleeping till the afternoon, eating in excess, smoking blunts, playing guitar hero, riding dirt bikes and generally causing mischief.

Her favorite sex toy is the Hitachi Magic Wand. Her favorite porn star of all-time is India Summer.

After she retires from porn, she would like to be a Child Protective Services worker.

She loves staying in touch with her fans, and she can be contacted on Twitter.

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