This very cute SoCal girl has all the girl next door looks, but none of the shyness. In her own words: She’s too fly to be low key. She’s got a great petite body, beautiful blue eyes and nice perky 32B tits.

Emma grew up in a suburb around the Valley, but she considers herself an L.A. girl. She never liked school, and was raised very Christian and conservative; she never cussed or did anything crazy. When she got to high school, though, and guys realized how hot she got, she quickly changed her ways! In a very short span she went from being an A student to dropping out and going to a continuation school.


The first time she ever gave a blowjob was at a movie theater, while people around them were watching. She was 17 years old, and it was a few months before she lost her virginity.

She became a party girl quickly and ended up in rehab by age 19, which she almost got kicked out of for hooking up with a guy she met there. She was into harder drugs back then, until she realized she needed help to kick the habit and get her life back on track. If she weren’t doing porn – and she still might in the future –  she would like to be a drug counselor.

Emma hadn’t been with many people before entering the business, as she’d been mostly in long term relationships. She was 19 the first time she was ever with a girl. She loved every bit of it, and enjoys girls just as much as guys.

She’s always been a very sexual person and being on camera just comes natural for her. She started her career in the adult industry at age 20.

She was smoking some bowls with her agent and his girlfriend when they came up with her stage name. A lot of people had told her she looked like actress Emma Stone, so in the midst of this brainstorming haze, her agent came up with the twist on her name.

Emma is a giver and she takes a lot of pride in her blowjob technique. She’s very sex driven and masturbates about three times a day. She likes to do both, finger herself and play with her clit. She also loves the Hitachi Magic Wand; the first time she tried it was on a scene, and she came twice in six minutes.

She’s really turned on by being lightly bitten on her neck. She also enjoys being choked, a lot.

Emma stays in shape by constantly being out doing something. She makes sure she’s out of the house and away from the TV as much as possible. That, and having lots of sex, of course.

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