This Latina hottie has done some of the hottest squirting videos in the industry. She has a beautiful face, a tight petite body and amazing big brown eyes.

Eve was born and raised in Brooklyn, and she has a strong accent to prove it. She is of Puerto Rican and French descent.

When she was 18, she was already an exotic dancer in strip clubs. One night, she was watching a TV show where a porn-star-turned-agent was talking about her life in the industry. The possibility intrigued her and, a month later, she was on a plane to Miami to shoot her first scene.

Eve EvansEve started in the industry in 2010. She was active for a little over a year and took a long hiatus, which she says helped her mature mentally and sexually. She moved back to California in 2013, and came back into the scene wilder and freakier than ever.

Porn to her is a form of expression. She really enjoys making her videos, and constantly pushing her limits and exploring her sexuality in a safe and controlled manner. Eve is a pretty horny girl and very sexually active in her private life, as well.

She’s a big hip hop and R&B fan, and her porn name is a tribute to two very successful women from each genre: The rapper Eve and the singer Faith Evans.

Eve EvansEve is really into twerking, and she has even done it in her scenes. She still wishes her ass was bigger for it.

On September 2013, she announced through her Twitter account that because of the three recent HIV breakouts in the industry, she had decided to retire. She thought it was time to go back to school to become a certified nurse. She also wants to work on her music, her writing and just enjoy her life with the people she loves. But hey, who knows? Some porn stars come back after a while; she has done it before!

Eve also reported that she is writing a memoir with all the juicy details, trials and tribulations of her porn career.

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