This smoking Latina is quickly charming the industry with her fiery personality and perfectly shaped ass. She has amazing long brown hair, a great smile and some lovely and perky 32A tits.

Isabella is half Colombian and half Peruvian. She was born and raised in Miami, although she lived in Colombia for a while, where she attended catholic school. She has a deep connection with her Colombian background. Her Mom’s from Bogota, but Medellin is her favorite place in the world. She also thinks Colombian girls are the hottest, and Colombian food is the tastiest.

Isabella started her career in the adult business in 2014, at the age of 26. She feels sexy having other people watching her have sex on camera, so porn has been a natural fit for her. Her stage name came out of a “spur of the moment kind of thing.” She just thought it was catchy, and liked the Santos at the end.

During her short time in the industry, Isabella has managed to fulfill the fantasies she always aspired to, and some others that she had no idea she’d enjoy as much. For instance, she recently discovered she really likes getting choked. Also, public sex is a big turn on for her; on or off camera.

Isabella likes having eye contact while she’s having sex, and it actually helps her reach orgasm. Her personal approach and genuine enjoyment while doing porn is one of the things that make her stand out in the business.

Her favorite kind of lube is spit. As for sex toys, she opts for the Magic Wand. If she weren’t doing porn she’s simply be masturbating (like the rest of us).

She’s very turned on when a guy creeps up behind her, pulls her hair to the side and starts kissing her neck and working his way in. But it would be advisable to stay away from her ears! She doesn’t like her ears to be touched, licked or played with.

Isabella takes pride on being one of the few real Latinas in the industry that actually speak Spanish.

She feels like she needs to work out every day; if she doesn’t, she warns us she won’t be a very nice girl! She’s not much of party girl and prefers relaxing during her days off. She likes going topless on the beach.

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