This curvy babe loves sex more than anything, and that much is very clear in every one of her scenes. She has a great set of natural 36C boobs and the most incredible big blue eyes you’ll ever see.

Jamie is originally from Washington State, but also grew up in San Diego, where she still resides. Although she’s still very young, Jamie is quite the hot MILF. She has two kids and was a stay at home mom before joining the industry. She got married when she was 17 years old, and was in that marriage for five years. Her parents signed off the permission for her to do it, since she was still underage at the time. She already had a kid with the guy and he was going into the Marine Corps, so they decided to tie the knot.

Jamie JacksonShe had wanted to do porn since she turned 18, but since she was with her then-husband, she sort of assumed she never would. After her divorce, she looked up an agent and decided to go for it. She started her career in the adult industry in early 2013, when she was 22. The best thing about porn for her –aside from the sex, obviously– has been meeting a lot of great new people.

Jamie got to fulfill her biggest fantasy on camera in a scene for Dogfart: Getting gangbanged by five different black guys while blindfolded; something she had wanted to do for years. She had done a gangbang before, with six random guys she picked up in a bar, but none of those dudes were black, so it didn’t quite do it for her.

Her favorite sexual positions are doggystyle and missionary.

Jamie JacksonJamie unapologetically describes herself as a very dirty girl. She loves it when a guy comes in her mouth. She likes to swallow, and considers it wasteful not to do it. She also loves getting creampied. She enjoys anal sex in her personal life, but has never done it on camera. She says she will one day, though, so it would be wise to keep an eye on her!

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