This gorgeous California babe is the token girl-next-door. She has long brown hair and stunning hazel eyes. She’s very skinny, and her perky boobs and firm round ass complement that to perfection.

Jayden was born in California, but at some point her family moved to her grandma’s in Minnesota, where she was raised. Eventually, though, Jayden knew that she would want to come back to California to pursue her own career dreams. She has always been aware of her good looks, and actually did mainstream modeling since she was 14 years old; a little bit of runway, and a couple of catalogs and freelance work.

Jayden TaylorsJayden is a very shy person; she would say she’s more on “the goodie-goodie side.” Before joining the business, she had only been with 4 guys, mostly boyfriends. Having said that, she’s also pretty horny all the time and quite sex-oriented. She can be rather wild when she gets comfortable. Eventually, she’d like to become a big, recognizable porn star. She started in the adult industry in 2013, a couple of months before turning 21. She has also performed under the name Jayden Grant.

She likes intimacy during sex. She responds fairly well to cutesy flattery, and it really turns her on to have a guy’s undivided attention. She is very prone to teasing men and making them want her more.

Jayden masturbates everyday and is a lot more focused on her clit; she doesn’t like getting fingered too much. If she’s supposed to have something inside her, she’d just rather have a penis. She prefers intimate boy/girl scenes, both to watch and perform.

Jayden TaylorsShe enjoys outdoor activities. She plays tennis a lot, and was very active with it while in high school. She loves swimming and going to the beach.

Jayden loves reading and describes herself as a book worm. She usually prefers staying in, and is not much of a party girl.

She’s not a competitive person at all. She doesn’t feel like she needs to prove herself to anyone.

Jayden got breast implants in late 2013.

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