While still young and fresh looking, this hottie is already a veteran in the business, having been in it for almost a decade. She’s a natural brunette who often dyes her hair blond. She has an awesome petite body, beautiful blue eyes and perky 34A tits.

Jeanie was born in the outskirts of Las Vegas and confesses she was socialized a little differently. She grew up looking at larger than life posters of scantily clad women who bore an air of confidence. She always admired that courage and thought she would like to claim it for herself one day.

Jeanie Marie

She was 13 years old when she lost her virginity. She didn’t like the guy very much; she just wanted to try it because she had been watching a lot of porn all her life. Even at that early age, she aspired to be in pornography.

Jeanie actually started her career in the adult industry the day she turned 18, back in late 2004. She always thought it to be empowering.

In her years in the industry, she’s also used other stage names, most noticeably Katrice Keeys and Chrissy Katrice, before she settled on Jeanie Marie Sullivan. In 2013 she dropped the last name.

She loves shooting with other girls and have fingers and tongues everywhere. She likes guys, too, although she’s admitted to be scared of them sometimes, which you would never notice by looking at her taking charge on her boy/girl scenes.

Jeanie Marie

In the future she would love to do an all anal series.

Her favorite movie she has done was for Vivid. She really enjoyed working for them. She’d always dreamt of being opulent and larger than life, and that’s the atmosphere she experienced with them.

Jeanie is a fine art buff. She enjoys analyzing the past for current solutions or simply absorbing someone’s message and allowing their imagery to speak to her and tell their story. She’s a little embarrassed to admit it’s a little magical for her. She likens it to childhood wonderment.

She recently broke through the performing rope and directed a movie for Adam and Eve called Intimate Encounters 3: Naked & Beautiful. Her ultimate goal in the business is to fuse fine art and erotica.



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