This beautiful brunette was born and raised in Boston and proudly represents her Beantown background. She has an amazing petite body, stunning curves and perfect natural C cups.

Jenna made her way into the industry gradually, starting when she was 22 years old. She had been doing nude modeling for about a year and had grown tired of being a waitress and wanted to do something new and different. She had always loved sex and really enjoyed being naked and modeling, so she figured she could give porn a shot. Jenna never looked back after that.

Jenna J RossShe hated having a gap tooth while growing up, but she learned to love it when she got into porn. It made her unique and different and she prefers that now.

She wanted to stand out from other girls in the business, so she added the J as the middle initial, which stands for “Jinx,” a playful tribute to the fact that she injures herself in very strange ways.

Her absolute favorite thing to do sexually is oral, specifically deep throating. For as long as she has sucked dick, she was able to deep throat, since she always sort of assumed you were supposed to put the whole thing in your mouth/throat. Only after getting into porn did she realize that most girls are not able to do that.

She won’t do anything on camera that she hasn’t tested and become comfortable with in her personal life first.

Jenna likes running around to different places in LA and taking fun pictures. She loves going to the beach, hiking, cooking, reading, seeing friends or making videos for clips4sale and kinkbomb.

She likes to have sex in crazy and unusual locations. Some of these include the public library in the town she grew up in and the furnace room of her high school gym.

Jenna doesn’t believe in standard relationships and rejects the societal norms of boyfriends and girlfriends. All she needs for a successful relationship is a good sexual chemistry and an amazing friendship.

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