This hot and voluptuous brunette is an up-and-coming porn star that simply adores to fuck. She has amazing curves, her own sexy diastema, stunning big brown eyes, and a pair of perfect –and even more stunning– 32DD tits.

Keisha is of Irish and Spanish descent. She was born and raised in Tampa. She loves the heat of her hometown and attributes a lot of her chilled out behavior to her surroundings. She travelled a lot during her childhood; her Spanish grandparents like to travel and wanted the family to be able to see the world.

She’s always been interested in sex and watches porn everyday. Her favorite videos to get off are orgies and gangbang scenes.

Keisha Grey

She had only been with three guys before she entered the business; only one of them was a boyfriend, the other two were just friends. She had never been with a girl before doing porn. She has said she’s sexually attracted to girls, but never emotionally. Thankfully, in this business that’s actually a plus.

Keisha started her career in the adult industry in 2013, barely after turning 19 years old. Her stage name comes from combining her nickname in high school (Keisha) with the last name of her favorite adult performer, Sasha Grey.

The strangest place she ever had sex at was on the front yard at her parents house. She loves the rain, and one particular day, she wanted to experience how having sex under the pouring rain would feel like.

Keisha Grey

Her favorite sexual position is doggystyle. She loves getting her tits played with, and it’s relatively easy for her to reach orgasm. She prefers water-based lubes, and Magic Wands are her top choice when it comes to sex toys.

She’s attracted to guys with beards, and likes curvy heart-shaped asses in women.

She took a lot of dancing lessons as a child, starting when she was five. She did point, ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and modern.

Keisha is an avid weed smoker, and she loves when her sex toys look like her glass bowls.

She likes to skateboard and going to the beach. She’s a big hip hop fan, as well as classic rock and reggae.


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