This beautiful and ambitious starlet has managed to create an enviable buzz since entering the adult industry, and is one of the most in-demand performers in porn. She has a toned, tight body and all-natural 34D boobs.

Lizz was born Elizabeth Slamka is Phoenix, Arizona. Growing up, she was a horny kid who thought everyone was as horny as her, but never spoke about it. She was also an athlete who played softball for 14 years and used to run cross-country. She was a typical tomboy: She loved sports, was a class clown, and, of course, was the girl who managed to fuck a few cheerleaders in high school. She made herself stand out, and didn’t like following crowds.

Lizz Tayler

She was attending college in Georgia when she decided to pursue her dreams by moving to Los Angeles to star in adult movies. She entered the business in March 2010. Unlike many porn stars, she didn’t just fall into it; this was truly her life-long dream. Porn legend Briana Banks, in particular, is such an idol to Lizz that she has her name tattooed right across her abdomen. To this day, Banks is her “go-to person” for advice, and actually helped her come up with her stage name.

Lizz loves everything about women, and finds them very sensual. She really loves men, too, though. She’s into muscles and nice hair in a guy. Her favorite trait in a man is a sense of humor. She considers herself a dork, and wants someone who wants to be one with her.

Her biggest sexual fantasy would be to have at least four girls in a hot steamy sauna, with one guy. Alternatively, she also loves the idea of being at a very fancy restaurant, start feeling over her date’s private spot, get all hot and turned on, and go to the car or to a back room for a quickie.

Lizz has big aspirations for her career. Ultimately, she wants her own empire: She wants to do something like Jenna Jameson did with Club Jenna. She’s a very determined girl, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes. One day she aspires to be in the AVN Hall of Fame like her role models, Briana Banks and Brittany Andrews.

Lizz is particularly good at social networking, and understands the impact this can have on her career. She’s very dedicated to her fans. You can follow Lizz on Twitter.

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