Lola Foxx is a smoking Sicilian girl who has been called “the tightest pussy in the game.” A Southern California native, this dark haired beauty has big brown eyes and a very nice pair of perky 32B tits.

Her first job was as an exotic dancer in Van Nuys, California, when she was 18 years old. She got into the industry in June of 2011 after talking to a friend she danced with who was also a porn star, and thought it sounded like a fun thing to pursue.

Lola FoxxThere are many sides to her personality. As a teenager she was a cheerleader, yet hung out with the punk rock kids. She was also an active member of the drama club and the choir. She has always felt like a natural performer and loves to have all eyes on her.

She chose her porn name based on Lola Bunny from Space Jam, one of her favorite movies as a kid. She always thought she was very sexy. She chose Foxx because she thought it sounded very sassy, especially with two X’s.

Lola enjoys sex with men and women, or both at the same time. She admires honesty and sense of humor in a man, while generosity and confidence is what she looks for in a woman.

When she is having sex on camera she forgets the camera is even there and feels like she is just at home, having a good time. Her favorite sex toy is a vibrating cock ring. Nothing gets her off easier than intense clitoral stimulation while getting fucked. Lola also loves having any opportunity to 69 with a sexy girl.

The weirdest place she ever had sex with a guy was in a movie theater full of people. With a girl was in the dressing room of a lingerie store.

Her friends and family are very supportive of what she does for a living. She is very glad to not have to hide it from anyone and just be herself.

Being Sicilian, she is really into food. She loves watching cooking channels for new recipe ideas and loves cooking as much as she loves eating the finished product.

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