Luna C. Kitsuen is not shy about what she likes, and the whole industry caught up very fast with that notion. She has beautiful big green eyes, and an asshole that can handle anything that’s ever been in contact with. Even though she has big natural D cups, her boobs are perky enough to get away with going braless.

She was born in Florida, and also used to live in Atlanta while growing up. Her first dream, when she was 3 years old, was to become a Miami Dolphins cheerleader. Fortunately, as an adult she found something she was even better at.

Luna started her porn career when she was 19. She shot her first scene in October 2012. Her boyfriend Bobby Slam is also an adult performer and he helped her get into the business. They love shooting together, but their relationship is very open to other people.

Luna C. Kitsuen

She dislikes the labels “punk” or “goth” that some people attribute to her just because she has tattoos and piercings. Instead, she likes to think of herself as a “Kawaii Princess.” She loves anything related to the ever-growing Japanese tendency for cuteness. Her stage name is derived from the word kitsune, which is the Japanese word for fox.

Luna is very open about her preference for pain and bondage. She hates slow, romantic sex. She has rape fantasies and enjoys getting roughed up. She has a thing for autoerotic asphyxiation; and she likes to wear a spiked collar around her neck as a reminder of her boyfriend’s ownership. When she puts electrical tape over her nipples, she always keeps it on for as long as possible.


One of her specialties is deep, sloppy blowjobs. She loves blowing spit bubbles, too. She also does a lot of anal stuff and is very vocal about liking tongues in her asshole – amongst other things. She likes to have her man come inside her ass, it makes her feel warm and cozy. If she were God, she would make butts self-lubricating.

Luna loves cats, and feels she has many feline qualities herself. She doesn’t trust anyone that hates cats. Nothing makes her happier than a wobbling newborn kitten.

She’s a huge anime fan, especially Sailor Moon. In fact, her big eyes are her favorite physical feature. They make her feel like a human anime.

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  1. And Kitsuen means “Smoking,” which Luna truly is!