This beautiful New Yorker has made a strong impression since 2012 and is known for her high energy and dirty talk. She has great natural B cups that suit her slender body perfectly.

An ex-boyfriend kept encouraging her to get into the business, so after doing some research, she met the right people and found her transition into it surprisingly easy. She loves how open and honest the industry is and thinks porn has opened a lot of doors for Americans to sexually express themselves.

Mia GoldMia is a naturally creative person, business-oriented and very driven to network, so the porn business suits her really well.

Growing up she was a bit of a “responsible rebel”. She was always in the top of her class, was in student council and played tennis and soccer, but the rebel in her pushed her to graduate early and move to Mexico for a while. She really embraced her independence. She has had an array of jobs and had a few different majors in college. She sold timeshares in Mexico, worked in a busy Manhattan hospital, and was even a nanny for a while.

Mia does a lot of anal scenes and tries to make them as authentic as possible, being able to let go in front of the camera. Her favorite sexual position is missionary. She also enjoys being thrust up against a wall, watching her partner’s face. She loves oral, too, tasting and licking her partner. She wants to be able to squeeze, caress and spank.

She likes guys that have a good head on their shoulders, keep their cool and are motivated. She finds nothing sexier than a man with a good sense of humor who can cook and clean. Success, compassion, intelligence and silliness are big turn-ons for her.

She also loves working with older women because, in her opinion, they tend to be very passionate and have a strong sexual presence. She admires a woman who has her own style and can bring honesty into the bedroom. If they got it going on and have a positive attitude, that is all it takes!

Mia enjoys meeting her fans and getting their feedback. She always makes it a point to be friendly and get to know her fans.

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