Natalie Heart is a very young and very cute brunette from Texas. Her inviting girl-next-door looks, perky 34B tits, long brown hair and absolutely amazing brown eyes have gotten her a lot of work during her short yet productive time in the adult industry.

Natalie HeartShe was 17 when she lost her virginity to her high school boyfriend, in the attic of his grandparents’ carpet store. She only had sex with two guys before starting her porn career.

Natalie started stripping while she was still a teenager. In late-2011 she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in modeling, and do just about anything that would allow her to earn enough cash to afford the things she couldn’t back home.

She had done commercial modeling and nude photography before, but no sex on camera. She was just trying to get into regular modeling originally. One day while browsing on Craigslist, she came across what would become her agency, and their offers caught Natalie’s interest right away. She started working in the adult business while she was still 18. The good and quick money and her love for the spotlight and being the center of attention made it an easy choice. She also found everyone in the industry to be very nice, relaxed and funny.

Initially she worked under the name Jaslene Jade, but changed it to Natalie Heart after a few months. She likes having sex with both men and women.

Natalie is more into clit stimulation than penetration, and prefers clit-oriented sex toys. She loves video and photo shoots, and really enjoys acting and seeing herself on film.

She is very happy with her body and there is not a part of it she doesn’t like. Her favorite are her eyes, and she receives a ton of compliments on them. She works out a lot and confesses to have slowly become a gym rat. She does plenty of cardio and works a great deal on her stomach.

Natalie is a big Hip Hop fan and an excellent dancer. Dancing and acting are her two main interests.




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