Already a household name, this super hot babe from Florida has been in the adult industry for a whole decade, since moving to Los Angeles in 2003, a span that has seen her take part in hundreds of movies.

Her real name was Nicole, so Nicki was an easy transition. She came from a very Christian background, where sex was a taboo subject, but being the oldest of five kids and having always been interested in biology, she was always comfortable with the human body and never shied away from anything.

Nicki HunterA straight-A student growing up, she went to the University of Florida, got a 2-year degree in nursing and worked in several hospitals after that. While still in college, she went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras with a friend, and she had her first threesome experience, a moment that sparked her sexuality and made her try a lot of new things. She then decided to become an exotic dancer and did that for about four years in different clubs, eventually getting interested in making sex videos with her then-husband. These tapes got the attention of several people in the adult industry and she slowly progressed into the business after that.

Nicki has said that variety is the best thing about being in porn. She’s excited that there’s always new talent and directors and likes never knowing what she’s going to do on a scene before she gets to the set. She likes seeing need in another person’s eyes and having them think: “Oh my God, Nicki is sucking my cock.”

Her favorite sexual position to perform in is the reverse cowgirl. When she’s off the clock, though, she likes a perm doggy the best, where she can play with her own clit and just lie there and get fucking pounded!

Nicki is also an accomplished porn director, having done several movies and a lot of website-based scenes. She has appeared in the Howard Stern Show and has been nominated for a couple of AVN Awards. She is the co-host of the Playboy Radio show Night Calls with fellow porn star Debi Diamond. She also hosts a Porn Star Karaoke once a week.

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