This smoking Siberian babe may have a petite body, but that never stopped her from having one of the most spectacular sets of large 34D tits we’ve seen. She has long blond hair, sexy green eyes and a body that just won’t quit.

Nikita never liked the overwhelming cold and the strict Communist regime while growing up in her native Russia. After her college graduation, she moved to the United States to learn English as an exchange student, and she quickly fell in love with America.

Nikita Von JamesEver since she was a teenager she was interested in the adult industry and dreamt of being part of it one day. A few months after she moved to the States, in 2000, she started dancing at a strip club and has worked in almost every club in Los Angeles, Orange County and Las Vegas.

In 2008 she started doing girl/girl scenes and she had so much fun that she simply had to keep doing more. Boy/girl scenes followed not long after that.

She chose her name because she liked how elegant it sounded. The “James” part of her name comes from her big appreciation of the girls in the Bond movies.

Her favorite position is doggy-style. She gets really turned on by being bitten on her back. Her favorite sex toy is the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Behind the scenes, she’s a very laid back person that loves to have fun with her friends, going to movies and playing with her dog Max. Nikita likes to work out and stay active. Her stepbrother, a personal trainer, helps her out with all kinds of UFS methods, so she even does some kickboxing! She also loves ice-skating.

Nikita describes herself as a closet geek. She loves school and would like to remain a student forever, if she could. She is currently studying business, and if she were no longer doing porn, she would like to work in the mortgage industry.

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