This voluptuous blonde traded her dental assistant job for a much more fun and lucrative one in porn. Probably a much better suited line of work for a woman with such massive enhanced 34DDD tits.

Nina was born in Germany and grew up all over the world because of her dad’s job, who was in the Army.  She always loved being naked, and her mom had a hard time keeping her from taking her clothes off when she was little. That passion for showing her body off has clearly remained in there.

Her first job was as a housekeeper for a military hotel in Wiesbaden, Germany. She loved it, and had lots of sex on those beds. Right before doing porn, she used to be a dental assistant in California, and was studying to be a dental hygienist, but it simply wasn’t for her.

Nina Elle

In 2010, she started webcamming after learning about it on the Oprah Network series “Our America”. They had a couple from Georgia that were supporting their family through camming and were doing well. She loved the idea and joined a site. After a few years of that, she decided to take it to the next level, signed with ATMLA and moved to Los Angeles.

Nina is married and her husband has been her biggest supporter and always puts her career before anything. He also does scenes with her occasionally.

Nina is actually her real first name, and Elle stands for the first letter in her last name, “L.”

Ever since she started doing more stuff, the sky is the limit for Nina. She really enjoys doing girl/girl scenes. She would also like to venture into more mainstream acting, hopefully in some horror and B movies.

Nina Elle

Nina considers herself an old fashion type of girl: Her favorite sexual position is missionary, and her sex toy of choice is the 80s sensation, the Sybian saddle.

She believes her deep throating is her biggest talent in this business.

Her favorite body part is her nose; although she loves her enormous breasts and is convinced they’re a big reason why she is where she is today.

Nina loves cooking and horseback riding, but most of all she’s into exercising. She works out with weights three times a week, and does two days of cardio. Sometimes she also mixes it up with P09X and boxing.

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