Sadie Holmes is a very cute and tall brunette with a smoking body and a great smile. She is originally from Tampa, Florida, strip club capital of the world. Luckily, though, she chose to do porn instead!

Sadie HolmesHer first job was working part time as a service coordinator at Banfield, the pet hospital in Tampa. She also used to be a model for Harley Davidson. Sadie and her husband used to work as bartenders and she was very jealous of the girls that flirted with him, so she suggested quitting and they both started doing porn together. She decided that if she saw him fuck another girl, she would finally overcome her fear. She had only had sex with four guys before joining the industry.

She was originally known in the business as Cherry Poppins, because of a tattoo of a cherry on her ass, but she decided to change it because she needed a more “real” name and there were other people out there with very similar names. A lot of people had told her she looked like Katie Holmes and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Maggie was too hard to rip-off, so she went with Sadie as a stage name.

Sadie describes herself as a “lucky mythical creature,” because of her ability to reach orgasm through four different body-part stimulations. Her favorite sex toy is a pink penis-shaped vibrator, a gift from Penthouse. She also enjoys butt-plugs very much. The most fun sexual activity for her, though, is fucking guys in the ass with a dildo.

The strangest place she ever had sex in was on top of a broken television. After the TV fell and broke, they just continued having sex on it. Sadie does a lot of fetish work as a dominatrix. She is also a free diver and underwater model.

She doesn’t exercise regularly, but she does like swimming and calisthenics. Anything outdoors is fun for her. She likes to hang out with her family and shoot guns, go swimming, hiking, fishing and camping.

Sadie doesn’t like pretty boys and isn’t materialistic. She’s more attracted to the mind; she likes smart guys with beards and good teeth.

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